This treatment, suitable for children and adults, can be used to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally aligned teeth. At Westwood Dental Studios, we provide in-depth consultation to find the most suitable treatment options to improve your smile.

Teeth Straightening Options

Conventional braces

These are the most commonly known of the teeth straightening braces. As they are very effective, they have become standard in orthodontics, particularly for children. They are the least expensive option but most visible, however are great for both complex and minor realignment needs.

Ceramic braces

These work in a similar way to conventional braces, but use tooth-coloured ceramic brackets and wires. It is an aesthetic improvement to conventional braces, yet with the same effectiveness. This is great option for those who are concerned by the visual appearance of conventional metallic brackets and wires on teeth.

Lingual braces

These work by having the teeth-straightening braces fixed behind the teeth, giving them the appearance of being invisible. As they are very discreet, they are particularly preferential for those who do not like the look of wearing braces.


A very popular option of straightening teeth. Invisalign gradually moves teeth into their new position by the use of removable custom-made aligners/trays. Unlike fixed braces, these aligners need to be worn for most of the day, but can be removed to allow eating or tooth brushing for example. A series of aligners are worn according to a pre-programmed schedule to give excellent results.