White spots or marks on the teeth are very common and can be caused by a range of factors. For example, fluorosis from increased fluoride intake when the adult teeth are developing to decalcification, which is the loss of minerals from the enamel. This can occur following fixed brace treatment if the oral hygiene has not been adequate around the brackets.

White spots can sometimes be mistaken for mottling or staining and a more uniform colour could be restored by whitening. However, these white spots may remain lighter in colour and still be obvious. To eliminate or reduce the appearance of white spots, a non-invasive treatment called ICON can be used.

ICON works by a process of resin infiltration to blend the white spots in with the rest of the tooth, reducing its visibility.  To begin with, a special gel is applied to the teeth to open the individual pores inside the tooth, before a small portion of tooth-coloured resin is applied. A light is then used to harden the resin and polished to restore the natural colour of the tooth.  Amazingly, this is all achieved without the use of the dental drill, with the process being painless and extremely quick.